Dromo for Retail/E-Commerce

Data is the king of commerce and we want to help you connect it

Understanding customer’s behavior across products, channels and geographies leads to revenue growth. Modern tools need to connect data in disparate systems to drive value for brands they are servicing.

Powering the best companies in the world...

Data driven customer journey

Consumers expect memorable and personalized experiences. In today’s world the data required to bring all of this together lives in different e-commerce and marketing tools. If you build tools for online retail or commerce brands it is impossible to connect to the ever growing list of data sources.

Imports can be messy

Building connectors only gets you partially there and building custom upload solutions require complex ETL and messy validation flows. With Dromo you can easily write import schemas and leave the rest of the on-boarding to us. CSVs, Excel files, TSVs, XML files? Doesn’t matter. Within minutes you can have an import flow built and shipped to production.

Build an upload flow in minutes