A big win for a few lines of code

Dromo was built for you so you can build amazing apps. We provide out-of-the-box data import solutions with extreme extensibility to fit your needs. ‍ Dealing with ASCII vs UTF-16 encoding, XLSX to JSON transformations via asynchronous tasks, building validation UI isn’t fun. Especially when that’s not a core part of your application. Let us take care of it for you.

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Why Dromo?

Increase customer adoption

The harder the onboarding process, the more likely a new customer will give up and jump to your competitor. You don’t have months to invest in onboarding and you don’t need to. We have done it for you.

Speed up customer time-to-value

In a data driven world your app needs context and data from other apps. Allow users to quickly upload data from their tools into your app. Increase value and increase retention.

Leverage advanced features

We're constantly improving our product, adding your wishlist. You would have never prioritized fuzzy matching. But we did and now you can have it for free.

Focus on what you do best

Don’t worry about CSV encoding formats, Excel to JSON transformations and dealing with data cleansing and validation. Let us do that for you, so you can build less but ship more.

Simple, yet powerful features

A couple of lines of code

We aren't kidding. We've replaced >10,000 lines of code in our customers with <100. Simplicity is our product.

A customizable out-of-the-box import experience

Want to change the text? Have custom validation logic? Or pass custom messages to the user? Don't worry we have configurable settings for that

Extend with code

Want to do more with data? Check out our documentation on custom data hooks that allow you to insert your own libraries and logic into the on-boarding process.

Let’s streamline your customer onboarding flow

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