Easy to prioritize for a large win

Ruthlessly prioritizing product features shouldn’t mean having to let go of a user-friendly data import process. The edge-cases surrounding data validation are hard: we only need this field if this other one is empty, but this other field should be present also. This should be one of these four values, and throw an error otherwise. We have all of that and more right out of the box.

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Why Dromo?

Increase customer adoption

The harder the onboarding process, the more likely a new customer will give up and jump to your competitor. You don’t have months to invest in onboarding and you don’t need to. We have done it for you.

Speed up customer time-to-value

In a data driven world your app needs context and data from other apps. Allow users to quickly upload data from their tools into your app. Increase value and increase retention.

Leverage advance features

We're constantly improving our product, adding your wishlist. You would have never prioritized fuzzy matching. But we did and now you can have it for free.

Focus on what you do best

Don’t worry about CSV encoding formats, Excel to JSON transformations and dealing with data cleansing and validation. Let us do that for you, so you can build less but ship more.

Simple, yet powerful features

A customizable out-of-the-box login experience

Want to change the text? Button colors? Border radius? No worries, we have it all. All of it is configurable via custom CSS parameters. It takes 5 minutes to keep your designer and engineers happy.

Faster time to value for your customers

Value for your customer means having clean and valid data in your application. The faster you can get there, the happier your customers. Quickly configure your target data models and get to useful data and insights.

An in-app experience

The Dromo Uploader works in your app using secure encrypted data exchange messages. With a few lines of code, open the Dromo Uploader modal and allow users to manually input data or drag and drop files.

Let’s streamline your customer onboarding flow

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