Why do most startups choose Dromo over Flatfile?

Dromo's Importer and Flatfile's Portal offer the same functionality. Having trouble deciding between the two? Here’s why most startups choose Dromo.

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Our Story

Cut the Sheet.

It started with us realizing that we had built spreadsheet importers for every single company we worked at. Yes, you read that correctly. Every single one. And it was always an afterthought. We had to support the most complex file encodings and file types...it was incredibly time consuming and easy to mess up.

Now we have a team that lives and breathes data imports so you don't have to. It's time to cut the sheet.

Head to Head Comparison

See how Dromo and Flatfile Stack Up

Dromo logo

Dromo's pricing scales with you as you grow.

Dromo's "Basic" plan costs $2 per upload with no monthly minimum. Dromo's "Standard" plan gives you unlimited uploads for one fixed monthly price. With Dromo, you'll never have to worry about your bill at the end of every month.

Flatfile logo

Flatfile charges you per spreadsheet imported.

Flatfile charges you per import which means you never know how much you're going to pay at the end of the month. And this can add up fast! No one likes surprises, especially when it comes to your bill at the end of the month.

Dromo logo

Dromo offers you unlimited schemas for one low price.

Dromo's "Basic" and "Standard" plans both offer you unlimited data schemas.

Flatfile logo

Each additional data schema costs you more.

Looking to import another data schema into your product? Sorry you have to pay more.

Dromo logo

Dromo has no monthly minimums.

Don't know when you're going to get around to integrating Dromo into your product? No worries. Dromo's "Basic" plan has no monthly minimums so you can sign up for an account and integrate Dromo at your own pace.

Flatfile logo

Even the most basic plan has a monthly minimum.

Who likes to be in a race against the clock? Not us. Startups are unpredictable and roadmaps change day to day, if not hour to hour. You shouldn't have to pay when your roadmap inevitably changes.

Dromo logo

Fully self-serve: get started without talking to someone.

Dromo was built by developers for developers. Get started with Dromo without talking to a sales rep.

Flatfile logo

Good luck getting started on your own.

Competitors have lengthy, high-touch sales processes that require you to sign long contracts for tens of thousands of dollars before you can get started.

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Dromo offers customer roadmap integration.

Need something built? Just reach out to us. Our professional services organization builds custom features all the time. Your product roadmap is our product roadmap.

Flatfile logo

Limited professional services.

Need something custom or specific to your business? You'll probably have to rip and replace your current implementation.

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